About Virgin Coast Fine Foods

Who We Are

Virgin Coastâ„¢ Fine Foods Inc. is a Canadian based importer of fine foods. The business was conceived by its founders through the realization that no matter where you live, the quality of life can be greatly improved by the quality of food you eat. It is this core belief which guides our quest to search the four corners of the world for world class products and to bring them back to you.

We began specializing in award winning extra virgin olive oil from Greece, specifically Hania, Crete. Since then, we've continually expanded our product line to include other unique varieties of olive oil, condiments, fine herbs and spices, and olives.

Our Mission

In short, Virgin Coast's primary mission is to continually find and research products and companies which are closely aligned with our customers' needs and preferences, and then forge relationships with them so that these products can be offered at the fairest and best price points.

Our Commitment

Virgin Coastâ„¢ is committed to offering consumers products that are healthy and which follow our strict guidelines for quality, and respect for the environment. Furthermore, we're committed to making these products as widely accessible as possible through strong customer-supplier relationships and aggressive marketing strategies.


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PDO Kolymvari Chania Crete Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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