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Our latest quest for products which inspire culinary excellence, healthy eating and mouth watering flavors has resulted in a whole new line of extra virgin olive oil and a new line of flavor packed organic olives. As always Virgin Coast is driven by quality, inspired by flavor and committed to excellence when selecting new products for our customers.


Casa Creta EVOO

Casa Creta Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Crete is renowned as a rich producer of olives and high quality, great tasting extra virgin olive oil. This is especially true for the Kolymvari Chania region. No other olive oil from this region upholds this reputation more than Casa Creta. Casa Creta selects only the highest quality of Koroneiki olives and uses a balanced combination of modern technology and generations of experience and knowledge to produce what is truly a world class olive oil.

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Eleones EVOO

Eleones Organic Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The ELEONES Early Harvest is the first olive oil of the year. Halkidiki is located in northern Greece where, because of local climatic conditions and the variety of olives grown there, it has the privilege of producing the first olive oil of the year before any other region of Greece. Typically, early harvest olive oil is produced from unripened olives, hence the bright green color. Also, early harvest olive oil's acidity level is very low (less than 0.2%) and rich with antioxidants like chlorophyll. Therefore, Eleones Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil is not only delicious, but extremely healthy.

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VIOS Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

VIOS organic extra virgin olive oil has a very low acidity, less than 0,2% and is produced exclusively from the small sized olives of the famous Koroneiki variety. VIOS is a balanced olive oil of extraordinary quality, with a fruity aroma and a very slight bitterness that leaves a long fresh aftertaste. It has a deep green color with gold hints and contains strong notes of fresh cut grass and artichoke.

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VIOS Olives

VIOS Organic Olives

Vios olives are handpicked from selected olive groves, placed directly in sea salt brine and left to ferment for at least 5 months. This completely natural procedure results in olives with high nutritional value and an abundance of antioxidants, for demanding customers that care about their health.

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VIOS Fleurs De Sel

VIOS Fleur de Sel has a pure and fresh taste, derived from the gentle Aegean Sea breeze. These exceptionally flavorful bright white salt crystals are collected by hand from small natural salt pans in the coasts of Crete. Sprinkle it over a fresh salad, a vegetable or a fish dish to give a delicate finishing or try it in desserts such as a creme brulee or a chocolate mousse to add a sophisticated sparkle.

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PDO Kolymvari Chania Crete Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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