VIOS Organic Green Olives With Pimento

VIOS Organic Green Olives With Pimento

Vios organic green olives with pimento are hand stuffed with strips of organic pickled pimento. These olives are a balanced combination between the sweet pimento and the slight bitter taste of naturally green olives, leaving a pleasant aftertaste. Vios olives are handpicked from selected olive groves, placed directly in sea salt brine and left to ferment for at least 5 months. This completely natural procedure results in olives with high nutritional value and an abundance of antioxidants, for demanding customers that care about their health.

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Label VIOS Organic Pimento Olives
Per Unit Size 314ml / 210gr Jar
Per Case Size 210grl x 12
Product Number 5006
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PricingBased on quantity. Please inquire

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